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What has been the most effective diet for weight loss?

Seth, 6:00 minutes

Can you lose weight without cardio training?

Seth, 6:21 minutes

Is completely eliminating carbs from your diet an effective way to lose weight?

Amilia, 5:38 minutes

What would you recommend eating before and after a workout?

Amilia, 3:05 minutes

Is eating less an effective way to losing weight or is that a misconception?

Seth, 5:43 minutes

Injury prevention

What is injury prevention (13.24 seth)

Seth, 13:24 minutes

What is an assessment, when do you give an assessment?

Seth, 11:02 minutes

What is the results of doing injury prevention exercises consistently?

Adrian, 3:32 minutes

From your expierence could you give 3 possibilities why people get back pain?

Vincent, 4:56 minutes


What exercise should you avoid doing if you have lower back pain?

Seth, 10:23 minutes

What are some indicators that an exercise is being done incorrectly?

Simon, 10:33 minutes

What exercises should you not be doing with a torn ACL?

Seth, 6:45 minutes


What do you consider a proper deadlift?

Seth, 12:00 minutes

Some people squat below 90, why and is it more effective?

Seth, 4:56 minutes

How low should you bring the bar during a bench press?

Adrian, 4:01 minutes

The two most common ways to perform a one arm row are: 1. With one knee on the bench. 2. Out of a half squat position. What’s the difference between the two, and is one better than the other?

Seth, 3:59 minutes

What techniques do you use to get your clients to succeed in doing a pull up?

Amilia, 6:54 minutes

How do you teach your clients to squat, and which modifications do you use to improve their squat?

Amilia, 7:48 minutes

Can you explain the purpose of a “romanian deadlift” (rdl), and why is this exercise so important for the hamstrings?

Seth, 6:10 minutes

Why is it important to do unilateral exercises?

Kyle, 2:44 minutes


What is Dorsi flextion and why is it important?

Seth, 7:40 minutes

What is the anatomical position, and why is it important to know?

Seth, 3:54 minutes

What is Body mechanics and how does improper mechanics affect us during resistance training?

Simon, 8:24 minutes

What are intrinsic muscles and why are they important to train?

Seth, 5:48 minutes

Marketing tools

From your experience, what characteristics do successful people have in common?

Paul, 7:01 minutes

What is your most important asset as a fitness professional?

Paul, 7:53 minutes

From your experience, what are 3 characteristics of a fitness professional that clients admire the most?

Seth, 6:46 minutes

Whats the best way to retain a client?

Paul, 7:18 minutes

How can I make my business competitive?

Ilhem, 3:20 minutes

How can you use social media as an asset to grow your business?

Ilhem, 4:46 minutes

Marketing Tools: How is operating a online business different from running a business offline, and would you use the same method?

Amilia, 8:38 minutes


What do you think inspires a prospect or client when they search for goods or services?

Paul, 10:33 minutes

What inspires people?

Vince, 2:33 minutes

What is inspiring to me?

Kijafa 12:19

What inspires you to continue to live this healthy lifestyle, and what is your advice to people who’s struggling with finding balance between their health and everything else they got going on in their life?

Jaclyn 27:11